Activities List for Jan 7


Much work for all of us at ENVI this Saturday Jan 7. We start at 9AM with Visitors invited at 11AM, with work possible through 3PM

Many Projects, so come help us with any of these.

  1. Lets come prepared to imagine how we will host over 100 people in tours during our Jan 26 event being planned.
  2. Come help ENVI volunteers wire up outside overhead lights to help secure the safety outside the B building
  3. We will build the battery charging and test machines.  We will also work on the forklift again as we need it for the artificial turf which we hope will be donated.
  4. Also, come help Coleman Game Development Student Terry Green, Dave Crow with work on the Moke, etc.  Come check out the parts for our SuperCar pictured that we are preparing to bring and move along with tooling.
  5. Many More Mini-Moke Improvements being planned for tomorrow.
  6. Moke remaining items (Dave, Jim, Terry working hard):
  7. Carefully examine and photograph the current Moke drive unit installation for discussion and planning
  8. Measure the present gap between Moke drive unit parts under tension
  9. Mount the motor power cables in final configuration (even if too short.  Remove the Moke Drive
  10. Get the Goodyear belt specification
  11. Acquire correct brass hardware for cable attachment from Marshalls
  12. Order the belt on Ebay
  13. Design a part to wedge the drive parts into a parallel configuration
  14. Finalize the wedge part spec and communicate to the fabricator
  15. Measure the stub shaft and drive unit plate thickness and clearance for a seal specification
  16. Visit KAMAN and buy/order a seal
  17. Arrange the seal pocketing and installation with Terry
  18. Fit and reassemble Attach cables and test drive
  19. Come hear about our soft launch of Hornets Nest, watch our videos and please chip in to help us with projects as well as installing more terrific elements in Hornets Nest as well.See you there.!
  20. Come hear about Rod and Ryan’s experience with Amazon Alexa developers Andy and Paul at RoboUniverse.  We’ve been offered a Webinar related to automating the B Building with Alexa, followed by offers to help our students learn using Echo devices and Alexa voice control of lights, Audio Video Equipment, Projectors, Doors, etc.