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Learn to Program a Parrot Drone using the Tynker App

By Ryan Jones Have you ever wanted to learn how to code? Are you interested in aerial drone development? What about learning to program a drone? Well, you are in luck, I’ve created a beginner course for learning how to Code a Parrot Mini Drone. The course is freely available on Github and is focused […]

Autonomous Ground Vehicle Development Group at ENVI

On Sunday, August 20, 2017, we had the San Diego Robotic Club meetup at ENVI. Their focus was to navigate a taped track using image recognition with their autonomous ground vehicles. The event was held from the morning until the afternoon. Here’s the footage I captured…   Gallery   -Ryan Jones

ENVI Programming the Parrot Airborne Mars Cargo Mini Drone with Tynker to Fly in Circle

With the purchase of the Parrot Airborne Mars Cargo Mini Drone I’ve begun to use Tynker to program the drone. Tynker uses a block based programming environment. When I showed this functionality in ENVI one of the members, Mike, got all excited and bought three. He has been pining away day by day for the […]

RoboSub 2017 – ENVI Team Qualifies Video

By the seat of our pants, the phrase by Henry. Oh yeah, that’s right we did it. At the last second we smoothly sailed straight through and under the video bridge. Watch this epic event… Preparation The Qualifier  

RoboSub2017 TRANSDEC View from Above Photos

You might’ve heard the phrase “Death from Above”, well these photos are TRANSDEC from above. Yeah, it’s not as cool but it’s a stunning view.

RoboSub 2017 – Saturday Morning – Oh the View

It’s 6 am  what can I say but stunning. The serene calm that only exists in the early morning is nothing more than simply amazing. The water is like glass and perfectly see through which means photo and video opportunity. The air is bit chilled but it helps create a zen-like environment. Only about half […]

RoboSub 2017 – Friday

We are finalizing the nine different channels and it’s looking good. We get one more test tomorrow to pass and we will likely complete it.

RoboSub 2017 – ROV2 Mini Pool Test – See it in action!

What can we say, except it looks like it is finally working!!! We’ve got one last shot possibly tomorrow to qualify for the semi-finals. Finger’s crossed…. For now, take a look at the last test of the day today. Forwards and backward Forward and Turn with reverse turn