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RobSub 2017 – Nick Cantrell Talks about the ENVI RoboSub

If you’re like me and not too sure about what is going on inside the RoboSub but want to know then Nick Cantrell is your Natural Geographic Discovery Channel Premier on the ENVI robosub 2017. The frame is the off the shelf ROV2 by Blue Robotics. Watch now!

SDSU RoboSub Day 2 Street Size Test

Now I know it’s not ENVI, but SDSU agreed to collaborate with us thanks to Nick. The SDSU team agreed to let us add a few of our cameras onto their sub so we could get footage for the neural network (deep learning) system. Plus their sub looked really stunning.

RoboSub 2017 – The Team Day 2

I know it’s not much but I thought it would be a good idea to get a picture of the team members that showed up on Day 2. Jay Tachibana was there in the morning before the pictures were taken, but he was there. Reading from left to right: Ryan Jones, Nick Cantrell, Henry Goudett, […]

RoboSub 2017 Day 1 – Pool Test Success July 24, 2017

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look through the eyes of a robot? Well, you’re in luck, you’ve been given the opportunity to look the eye of the ENVI Robotic Submarine camera. Admire the spherical fisheye illusionary effect that will have you questioning whether or not you really are looking through […]

RoboSub 2017 – Shirts

This years’ RoboSub 2017 T-shirts came out excellent. We went with the standard box cut vs. fitted and it was a great choice for all those non-obsessive athletic types, aka 99% of the population. Just want to give a huge shout out to Blue Robotics, our number one supporter, for supplying their ROV2 parts. If […]

RoboSub 2017 Pool Prep

So close… we’re almost in the pool. The biggest challenge appears to be ubuntu 14 vs. 16 or so I hear. There was initial worry for pressure testing but that was easil fixed.

Parrot Drones for K-12 Learning

I was looking into Sony robotics for the Boys and Girls club of San Diego off of Clairemont Mesa Blvd. and searches turned me towards the Parrot Drone company. Through searching I came upon the K-12 system Parrot has developed. It is quite amazing what they have done, if you’ve ever used a block coding program […]

Apple and Drones

A Case So Tempting it makes the heart flutter… Imagine attaching a case you phone and turning it into drone. Pretty cool idea right? Keep dreaming…. or start building it yourself. For now we have the Hover Camera Passport Drone available on It just came out so don’t just jump head first based on the video […]

At This Institute, It Is About Degree of Interest and Aptitude

TECH: Technological, Mechanical Abilities Shaped Off College Track By: Brad Grave Behind a big roll-up door, in warehouse space at the back of Coleman University on Balboa Avenue, Rod Weiss, James Burns, and several other technologically inclined people have put together a space called ENVI. The Electric & Networked Vehicle Institute is a place for […]