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Robo Masters – The Coolest Robotics Competition in the World

– Ryan Jones Ok, guys. So I enjoy Anime. And recently there was a new series that started up called RoboMasters. It is about a competition between two teams. Both teams control 2 to 3 ground drones using FPV cameras. The Drone have guns on them that shoot balls at the opponents drones on the […]

Code a Drone Using Blocks | Book

 The first book on the market that promotes unmanned drone flight and programming. Code a Drone Using Blocks is a step-by-step instructional guide developed to take the absolute beginner in UAV and programming up to an intermediate level of understanding. You will learn how to go beyond manual flight to full autonomous development. The first […]

Evo Nexus Fall 2017 – Demo Day

The newsletter from EVO-Nexus. If you are interested in seeing what tech companies are trying for grants in San Diego read up on the following… EvoNexus Demo Day Fall 2017 Join EvoNexus, the San Diego entrepreneurial community, local media, investors, and tech industry leaders for appetizers and beverages as our newest startups pitch for your […]

Newsletter – Sept. 3 2017 – Donkey Cars

KEEPING UP-TO-DATE If you want to stay up-to-date, day-by-day then we ask that you email info.envi.us@gmail.com and make a request to join the Slack group. Another option is to visit ENVI-US.org. Our team has started to learn how to post to the website before slack. Heck, we might even begin using those amazingly dated apps […]

Why you should know how to fix computers!

It’s not your average ENVI article. There’s nothing about robotics but it does cover an important fact. Know how to repair computers and don’t be afraid to break it! Recently a client needed help with backing up their data to a computer for work. When I was done, I asked if what they were going […]