Code a Drone Using Blocks | Book

 The first book on the market that promotes unmanned drone flight and programming. Code a Drone Using Blocks is a step-by-step instructional guide developed to take the absolute beginner in UAV and programming up to an intermediate level of understanding. You will learn how to go beyond manual flight to full autonomous development.

The first part of the book guides you along step-by-step on each tool needed and how to prepare for each lesson. The book is composed of eight lessons and each lesson contains one to three challenges as a follow-up. The challenges provide the needed support for learning-engagement and continuous fun.

To use this book you will need either an iOS (iPad) or Android tablet and one of the approved Parrot Mini Drones.

Approved Drone List

Mambo, Airborne Cargo (Mars or Travis), Airborne Night (Maclane, Blaze, S.W.A.T.), Rolling Spider, Swing (quad-copter mode preferred)

The chapters in the book follow a simple straight-forward guide system that will effectively train you in how to code a drone and provide you with the needed skills so you can develop your own amazing commands for the drone to follow.

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