ENVI Programming the Parrot Airborne Mars Cargo Mini Drone with Tynker to Fly in Circle

With the purchase of the Parrot Airborne Mars Cargo Mini Drone I’ve begun to use Tynker to program the drone. Tynker uses a block based programming environment. When I showed this functionality in ENVI one of the members, Mike, got all excited and bought three. He has been pining away day by day for the past week or two with his daughter. Today we flew the drones in Hopper Hall at Coleman University because it’s very spacious and enclosed. A perfect condition for mini drones. As he was leaving he said the only thing that frustrated him was the inability to fly in a perfect circle. About a minute after he left I was sitting and talking to another member, Mark. While sitting I decided to try and tackle the challenge Mike was experiencing. On the fly I figured out the issue. So Mike here is your solution. Take a look a the cover image it contains the block code. – Ryan Jones