ENVI’s Hornets Nest is now Soft-Launched as of Dec 7, 2016

A Big THANK YOU should go out to all associations, volunteer ENVI mentors, family members, students and companies who helped serve and financially support ENVI in preparing and pulling off  this social and educational event Wednesday evening Dec 7th.   The event achieved its goals of getting press from CBS 8 declaring this facility a FIRST of its kind in San Diego, even as we now seek alignment with numerous other groups with complimentary indoor or outdoor facilities.   Video will be available soon.

Approximately 60 people visited our ENVI facility over the evening to take a peek Dec 7, 2016 of San Diego’s First Indoor Drone Test and Training Facility.  ENVI’s newest extension of our Institute is being branded as “Hornets Nest” and was soft-launched on Coleman University campus to numerous RSVP attendees on Dec 7, 2016.  From 6:30-9PM drone companies, select drone club pilots, UAV associations and UAV-interested officials from San Diego, Los Angeles, and Mexico gathered with refreshments and informative presentations to experience, celebrate and be informed about test and training services possible within this Indoor UAV Flight facility.

Let’s work hard together for fleshing out a formal launch of this facility on Jan 26th.