ENVI Experiential Education

An unpaid internship centered around learning industry skills…

We are in fact an institute of learning so we were bound to offer experiential education. If you are currently in school and have the option to take a self-study, experiential study, or unpaid internship we are welcoming students.

What is expected?

  • If you as a student are accepted into this program, then we will expect your school of education to contact us and setup a time where we can meet with the education body.
  • Our current focus is on Electronics, Engineering, Robotics and Machine based studies. Any additional field of study must be presented to ENVI and agreed upon by both ENVI and your educational institute.
  • We will expect you show up on site for the designated hours as defined in the contract by your school of education.

If this concept is intriguing to you please call or email today.

Educational Institutes Participating

Documentation for both the student and employer assessment can be found below. Click on your institute to expand and see documentation.

If your school available, you must fill out the required forms, download, print, and turn them into your school.