Parrot Drones for K-12 Learning

I was looking into Sony robotics for the Boys and Girls club of San Diego off of Clairemont Mesa Blvd. and searches turned me towards the Parrot Drone company. Through searching I came upon the K-12 system Parrot has developed. It is quite amazing what they have done, if you’ve ever used a block coding program like Scratch or Snap then you understand the simplicity of learning programming logic. Parrot is not the only one to create a program to connect a coding block program but they appear to be the first to create a web application that is built for explicitly connecting to their drones.

The Parrot Education Community built on the Workbench Education platform brings the exciting world of programming and learning with drones and robots to students and stem enthusiasts in a clear and organized way. In addition, it connects maker educators to each other so they can share lessons within the community. Educators can use the platform to access lessons that tie teaching with drones and robots to STEM skills such as geometry, science, art, physics, and coding.

If you visit this site: There are a plethora of applications for controlling their drones, but to access the free coding blocks application you must scroll down towards the bottom and click on the button: [ Parrot Activities ]


In the top navigation of click on the Fly link. This will take you to the free coding block application: Blocky