Robo Masters – The Coolest Robotics Competition in the World

– Ryan Jones

Ok, guys. So I enjoy Anime. And recently there was a new series that started up called RoboMasters. It is about a competition between two teams. Both teams control 2 to 3 ground drones using FPV cameras. The Drone have guns on them that shoot balls at the opponents drones on the ground. Each drone must have target shields that take damage. Then while the battle is happening on the ground, one member of each team is flying a drone to assist in surveying the field and opponents actions.

— I’m two episodes in.

To my surprise, the anime is an adaption of a real tournament put on by DA-JIANG INNOVATIONS. Most you are more familiar with their acronym, DJI. The competition takes place in Shenzhen, China. Take a look at the real tournament.