RoboSub 2017 – Saturday Morning – Oh the View

It’s 6 am  what can I say but stunning. The serene calm that only exists in the early morning is nothing more than simply amazing. The water is like glass and perfectly see through which means photo and video opportunity. The air is bit chilled but it helps create a zen-like environment. Only about half a dozen teams have shown up. It’s so peaceful.

It’s 6:30 am and the first Navy Seal jumps in. The water which was like glass becomes rippled. The view becomes slightly distorted but still quite easy to see. Let’s hope the whole day stays overcast like this. An overcast day is perfect to public to see the actual sub in progress; whereas, sun causes a reflection hiding the sub underwater.

For you viewing pleasure, I went ahead and took a stack of picture before the ripples began. Enjoy! – Ryan Jones