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We had a large turnout last week. The news coverage seems to be the main cause. 30+ people showed up throughout the day. People were able to test out drones.

Drone Racing League

As for this week, we have a lot going on as well. Bill Reid a Professor at Coleman University has generously donated two FPV (First Person View) DRL (Drone Racing League) kits. These drones need a little bit of repair and soldering skills to get up and running. If you’re interested in helping out with task stop by ask about it.

Programming Drones with Code!

Aside from being a drone testing facility. The Hornet’s Nest is starting a new training program for those interested in learning how to program controlled drone flight with coding. The current project is headed up by Ryan Jones and Dan Wolfson. We will be using the CoDrone developed by in combination with the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and the C Programming Language.

Learning to Fly a Drone

If you just want to learn how to fly a drone. We have excellent drones for the first timer that are exceptionally forgiving. Ask Dan Wolfson when you stop by on Saturday.

Congratulations to…

The Unmanned Mars Vehicle Development Team for making into the semifinals of the Mars City Design Challenge 2017. — It’s not too late to be apart of the team.

What Mars? 

Yeah, that’s right, we said Mars! We had to draft of a long fully documented proposal explaining our unmanned mars rover and how it will effectively traverse the Martian terrain without limitation. I’m gonna skip showing the CAD example because it looks like a K’NEX toy. For more info on the the event visit:

It’s that time of year again…

RoboSub 2017

Last year we came in 16th place with a limited budget of only $500.00; whereas, our competitors had budgets nearing $5,000.00 plus.

Why a RoboSub?

At the competition, big named companies like Northrop Grumman show up looking for potential. We also have some important news and support flowing towards us, but can’t let the cat out of the bag yet. If you are interested in joining the team stop by Saturday and talk with either Nick Cantrell, Brad Risse, or neither of these two are available talk with Dr. Jim Burns.   

Official RoboSub website:

Make it Electric!

Did you know that the EV section was the original foundation of ENVI? It all started with Dr. Jim Burns and the conversion of the gas powered GTM supercar to electric.

Where we stand toady!

The development hasn’t stop. We are finalizing the first Mini-Moke Hybrid and we’re finally able to move over the GTM supercar to the hangar. If you are gear-head or maybe you want to learn how to work with cars then talk with Dave. He likely be over by the Mini-Moke, that’s the yellow looking Jeep. If you’re interested in learning about hybrid vehicles or full-electric conversions then this is the area of focus for you.


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