Why you should know how to fix computers!

It’s not your average ENVI article. There’s nothing about robotics but it does cover an important fact. Know how to repair computers and don’t be afraid to break it! Recently a client needed help with backing up their data to a computer for work. When I was done, I asked if what they were going to do with their old Early 2011 MacBook Pro. They said it was too slow and that the apple technicians said it looks like it’s on its last leg. So like any tech, I asked if I could have it. Luckily for me, they said yes.

There is a bit wear and tear on it around the power port but it still charges. Apparently, the daughter of my client stated that the child put change and other parts inside the optical drive. This was going to be one of those fun projects.

The initial system before repair:

If you’ve never opened up a MacBook Pro it’s quite easy to get the back-off but you need special tools to get the optical drive out. This was the first time I had ever attempted a repair on a MacBook Pro. It was fun and frustrating. The delicacy that goes into these computers it quite unique. There are tiny parts of parts with tiny screws in tiny spots.

Once I got the optical drive out there wasn’t any change but I came across to postcard stamps. I’m sure that will be useful again someday. Once the drive was cleaned out I replaced the RAM with the 16GB I purchased. Originally, the Apple Tech specs say that this Mac will only allow up to 8GB of RAM but another very popular site said otherwise, so I gambled and the results were good. Sadly, the disc drive (optical drive) is still busted and will cost about $70 more with shipping but I still feel like I came out on top.

I spent around $150 for tools and RAM. I spent about 4 hours. Had I taken this into a computer repair place like Apple or Bestbuy my bill would have likely been around 300 – 500 dollars for parts, time, and the fact that it is an apple computer.

-Ryan Jones